A Trusted Guide to Sports Betting Sites by Punters for Punters

Betting Scout is an international guide to online betting focused primarily on sports betting sites. Whether you’re looking for who has the best odds by sport or league, the fastest payouts, best bonuses, or where you can bet online in a specific currency, you can find this and more here. More importantly you can also discover which betting sites are reputable and which are rogue.

Types of Betting Sites

There are many types of sports betting sites available for online betting. While the term betting sites generally refers to online bookmakers, which might also offer live betting and mobile betting, other types of betting sites include fantasy sports, betting exchanges, tote and sports spread betting. For help selecting the most popular version (online bookmakers) from the menu below click the most logical choice for the area you live.

US Sportsbooks / Canadian Sportsbooks / South Africa Bookmakers
UK Bookmakers / Australian Betting Sites / Asian Bookies

If you live in Europe for now refer to our page on UK bookmakers. In the near future I’ll create and link to a page with a menu containing betting advice for all currencies of Europe.

Selecting one of the above options is high recommended because not all betting sites service the same countries, and even those that do often have special bonuses, promotions and free bets for specific markets. We’ve separated this out to help you find the most suitable sport gambling sites for the area you live.

Interested Mostly in a Specific Sport?

While our regional list above will set you in the right direction, we also have sports betting sites broken down by sport and then leagues. In time we’ll add professional betting strategy for each sport as well. For advice on which bookmakers are best for a specific sport, click an option from the below menu.

Football (Soccer) / Football (American) /Tennis
Cricket Betting / Basketball Betting / Golf
Rugby Betting / Hockey Betting / Boxing
F1 Betting / Baseball Betting / UFC Betting

US Betting Sites Warning

No matter where you live in the world you should be very careful dealing with sports betting sites that accept players from the United States. While there are many reputable bookmakers around the world, the most reputable do not accept US players. There are however two exceptions ideal for players all over the world who prefer betting American Sports.

Bookmaker.eu – Is the only betting website that both accepts US players and is friendly to professionals and high rollers. Their roots date back to the largest US bookie in the history of sports gambling, relevant in the 1970’s, 80’s 90’s 00’s and still the same today. No matter where you live in the world you can benefit from their early lines on NFL football, college football, NBA basketball, college basketball, MLB baseball and NHL hockey. Not only are they first to open the lines for US sports, they also have the highest betting limits and a policy of not limit collaring winners.

5Dimes.eu – Is the choice for bettors looking for best odds and fastest payouts. In the US the only ways a new player can deposit with 5Dimes is Western Union, MoneyGram and Money Order. Join their website at www.5dimes.eu and then contact live chat for deposit details. At any time, contact their live chat again for a payout and it will be ready the same or next day for pick up at Western Union. The reason at play at 5dimes is consistently for 15-years now they’ve been the most recommended sportsbook by their peers and in the latest SBR poster’s poll, 5Dimes had double the votes of the US sportsbook ranked #2. Their keys to success is the fastest payouts and by far the best odds. Under their reduced juice tab you’ll find point spreads are priced -105 (risk $1.05 to win $1.00) instead of the -110 (risk $1.10 to win $1.00) charged everywhere else. The savings, be it increased profits, or reduces losses, add up a ton each year. If you live outside the US, 5dimes is still a great choice for betting US sports as the rest of the world can deposit here using Skrill and NETELLER.

The reason we mention US sportsbooks specifically on the home page of an international betting guide is because this where the highest number of scams originate. For reasons US sports betting is largely an unregulated black-market, a lot of dishonest and wannabe mafia types start betting sites targeting the United States. Even sites that were once reputable have crashed and burned at the hands of US authorities. Some of these are still operating, for example read our article the rise and fall of WSEX to see the risks associated with the US market. Others are just long term scams, an example can be found on our oddsmaker.ag warning. Meanwhile there are a handful of sites simply “okay” that are probably not worth using. See our BetOnline complaints and our warning on Bovada Payouts for details. If you live outside the US you’ll mostly want to stick to UK bookmakers, Asian bookies or Australian Bookmakers as these are the most reputable.